All students studying any degree at any university in Australia can register with us.

Our Centre is a secure space where students can focus entirely on their studies. Students can connect with like-minded people and experience a campus-like environment while they study locally in Mudgee Region. We are focused on assisting our students settle into study, improve their academic skills and to make sure they feel like they have the tools to succeed in their studies.

Access Hours

We recognise that our students often want the flexibility to help ensure that they can balance their study/life/work needs and commitments. Our Centre is staffed each business day, and is open to registered students with swipe card access from 6:00am to 12:00 midnight, seven days a week.


Our Centre offers professional exam invigilation services with qualified supervision and exam rooms. We also offer remote proctoring for the increasing number of online university exams. If you would like to book one of our rooms to sit your exam, please contact us.


We have two rooms containing the following tech and equipment. Please keep all equipment in the room and let staff know if there are any issues. Once finished in the room, turn everything off (lights, AC, computers, and wireless tech)

  • One desktop computer (dual screens)
  • One large VR screen
  • One webcam (USB)
  • One speaker
  • One study space area with a desk
  • One wireless keyboard
Quiet Study Spaces

Students come to our Centre because they want a quiet study space where they can focus solely on their studies without the interruptions they face at home. We have tailored our environment with students at the forefront of our thinking.

Our Centre has four key study areas:

  • a dedicated quiet study room with computers and space to bring personal devices to work on;
  • tutorial rooms, which can be used for seminars, tutorials, workshops, exams and group work;
  • large open room for flexible learning, lectures, tutorials, group activities and meetings, and
  • space for student collaboration and break out, including kitchens and outdoor spaces.

Our Centre offers students access to high-speed internet (100 Mbps connection), printing & copying facilities, video conferencing facilities, desktop computers & BYO spaces. We run workshops to help settle students into their study, with a particular focus on navigating their university’s learning portal, and enhancing academic skills.

Scholarship Support

Think scholarships are only for the high achievers? Think again.  Scholarships are available for a range of criteria and circumstances, for example: 

  • Access scholarships like rural and remote and equity 
  • Academic or Sport scholarships 
  • Residential scholarships 
  • Travel/study grants 
  • Placement grants
Academic Skills

Any registered student can receive support to improve their general academic skills. Student support may include workshops in referencing or essay writing and one-on-one support from our dedicated Learning Skills Advisors. If you are a student studying with our university partners, we have engaged local tutors to run face-to-face tutorials for specific courses. For students who are new to study, or returning from a long break, we offer additional support through our Learning Skills Advisors to settle into study and become familiar with academic literacy and university processes.

Wraparound support

We believe that by providing our students with wraparound supports, they have a better chance at succeeding in their studies. We assist both current and future students with the administrative tasks associated with study. For future students, this can include finding which course or university may be the right fit for student aptitudes or career goals, understanding enabling pathway options, and assisting with enrolment processes. Our team also assist with understanding university processes such as HECS information and census dates. The language of university systems can be daunting for new students, or those returning after a long break, and we seek to break down these barriers to study by working with students to understand the processes and language of their university or course provider.

For current students, we assist with navigating university learning portals, connecting students with university support teams, including assistance in applying for extensions or special considerations when unforeseen circumstances arise, connections with progression teams, library services and other student support options. Our team also assists students in finding and applying for scholarships. Our Centre Manager is mental health first aid trained, and offers well-being support for students from sitting down and having a coffee, through to referral to university or other support services. We can help you to manage your study workloads with other demands, and encourage open conversations about your health and wellbeing.